Aerial Silk



Aerial Silk - is a type of acrobatics, that can capture the minds of everyone, even the ones who were never interested in sport or dancing.


Aerial Silk implies a combination of flexibility, power load and graceful choreography on the few meters height above the ground. All that is required for familiarization in this course is a willingness to dedicate time to a perfection of your own body.


Aerial Silk acrobatics will help you to learn how to control your body in an unusual way and expand your ideas about your own physical abilities. Moreover, keeping the balance in the air, without the support of the hard surface helps to achieve an excellent flexibility only with the help of your own weight, excluding any risk of trauma.


These lessons will help you to keep your body in tonus, and your mind in joy. The main goal of the Aerial Silk training program is to achieve the best result in the minimum time period, combined with the satisfaction of your own progress.