О нас

My name is Larisa. I am from Russia and DANCE is my life! I am married with a Dutch man and 5 years ago i relocated in the Netherlands together with my daughter.  I am learning Dutch language but for the time being i will speak English with you. I had a lot of experience abroad in many kind of dances but my favorite rhythm is Latin-american. I am also fitness coach and instructor (bungee workout ,poledance, aerial silk, yoga, zumba, pump aerobic, step aerobic…). But when i dance i feel happy and want to give this feeling to people, and they can feel rhythm  of music together with me. There exist many different styles of dance  in our world, and we can chose any. Just to  Dance and Move   makes you feel good! I am an open and emotional person, exactly like a dance should be.   So, let's dance! Open yourself    And let your emotions come out!

Last year was full of wonderful moments and radical changes. But this is just the beginning!

There is so much work planned!

Yet we only share our victories and achievements, without mentioning anything that went wrong. However it is crucial to also discuss the bad times and reflect on our mistakes! These wrongs are our life lessons, that create important opportunity to do it differently, better in the next year. That is why I planned enormous amount of work on school and myself. 

There are no limits to perfection! 
My students are growing as professionals and as inidividuals together with me. 
And I can not wait to see old and new faces in upcoming 2020!